Soumyendra Saha is a street photographer from Kolkata and an
erstwhile software engineer .After an erratic 12-year career
crunching C code for companies making network equipment, he was toying with the idea of freelancing and finally left his job in early
2014. Following that move, with lots of time to spare, he decided
to roam the streets to discover the city instead of the mountains, an alternative he tried on a couple of occasions before ,and started taking photos, again...

Soumyendra wanted to practice contemporary street photography, at the same time, staying true to the classic "decisive moment" school of Henri Cartier-Bresson. While consciously steering clear of the somewhat cliched documentary-cum-travel street photography, that many refer to as Indian Street Photography, he wanted to infuse some humor / intrigue / suspense and portray an otherwise, generally-accepted, “dying” city in a different light. His main objective was to time and frame interesting moments with a layer of abstract geometry.

This had a triple purpose – one, to show that there were moments everywhere laden with life and potential in a city that wasn’t really "dying", secondly, to discover the city for himself , and lastly to get better in the art of taking photographs itself.

He enrolled in a couple of street photography courses and started going out daily on the streets. This is the result of that work, post which, he says, his discovery of Kolkata and putting the city in perspective is complete.

Strictly speaking, if the student had to categorize his photographs, it should fall under one of these - digital photography, abstract geometrical, abstract informal, human figure, ideas.

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Get in touch with me at soumyendra@gmail.com

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